‘Rub this in Trump’s face!’ #Resistance goes ecstatic as Obama-backed documentary 'American Factory' wins Oscar


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‘American Factory,’ the first film backed by Barack and Michelle Obama’s new production company, took home the Best Documentary Award on Sunday night and Trump haters were quick to rub their triumph in the US president’s face.

While not personally nominated, the Obamas can now count themselves as Academy Award-winning filmmakers as their film took home an Oscar on Sunday night. ‘American Factory,’ which follows the story of an Ohio factory after it is reopened and changed by a Chinese billionaire, won the Best Documentary Academy Award.

The #Resistance crowd was ecstatic over the Obamas being recognized by the Academy. “Trump just had his best week ever but OBAMA JUST WON AN OSCAR!!! HAHAHAHA,” tweeted comedian Larry Wilmore in celebration.

Barack Obama sent his own congratulations to the filmmakers in a tweet.

The filmmakers of ‘American Factory’ encouraged workers around the world to “unite” in their acceptance speech. But they also gave a shout out to their less acclaimed competitors, including the filmmakers who documented “hospitals in Syria being bombed” and tried to push Al-Qaeda’s narrative in Aleppo, but for some reason did not get the trophy this year, unlike the notorious White Helmets back in 2016.

The film is part of a multi-year deal between streaming giant Netflix and the Obamas, which was originally announced in 2018.