Did you see Mayor Lightfoot’s announcement this weekend?


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This weekend, I was thrilled to receive the endorsement of Mayor Lori Lightfoot. This is not only an honor — it’s truly amazing.

People always ask how Mayor Lightfoot won her election against a more well-known, entrenched Democrat. Here’s the secret: hard work, tenacity, passion, integrity, and true blue leadership. And that’s exactly what it’s going to take to win this race.

Just like Lori, I can’t do it alone, and unlike my opponent, I won’t rely on money from corporate PACs to fund my campaign. So I’m asking you to make a donation right now, and let’s win this thing together.

Over the years, Chicago’s mayor doesn’t typically pick sides in this primary. What this endorsement shows is just how off base Lipinski is when it comes to our Democratic values.

He’s on the wrong side of nearly every issue we care about. He voted against Obamacare, he’s supported more than 55 anti-choice bills, he said Donald Trump of all people is a “champion of immigration reform,” and he still doesn’t believe in marriage equality.

Mansour, like Mayor Lightfoot said, we don’t need any more politicians who are actively attacking our communities and trying to turn back the clock.

So if you’re ready for a real Democrat in IL-03 — someone that will fight the status quo and put the people of our district first — chip in and let’s build the campaign that will win in March.