Third District Priorities Plan


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Third District Priorities Plan: Addressing Everybody’s Everyday

Like all of you, my family is the most important thing. But let’s face it, it’s growing more and more difficult to support a family. Security and peace of mind are getting harder to come by for working people.

Workers and families are working harder and longer, but because of the income divide in our nation, it’s getting increasingly difficult to even spend time together as a family. Often, one or both parents are forced to have multiple jobs to just cover the basics: food, shelter, transportation, health care, and education.

The lack of affordability of our “every day” has left 80% of our nation living paycheck to paycheck sometimes, frequently, or always, which is why I believe we need to implement a “Third District Priorities Plan.” I think we can all agree that hard work is hard work and it should be appreciated and recognized in all its forms. Because of this basic belief, it is critical we address wages and benefits immediately.

Finally, I believe, our district should have an annual plan based on priorities every year. If elected, I will publish my plan based on your input and also will share an annual report card detailing our progress.

Our Priorities

Pay, Finances and Benefits

  • Pass the current or better version of $15/hour minimum wage
  • Require that a member of labor management sit on each board of directors at companies where employees are unionized
  • Mandate paid leave time
  • Repeal the Paul Ryan-Republican Tax Scam
  • Create a real 21st Century Transportation and Infrastructure plan to include green economy jobs, green workforce training, and green repairs to the most-failing infrastructure, particularly those highly unsafe bridges inside IL03
  • Implement the Third District transportation plan (see Transportation tab)
  • Incorporate earned income tax credits
  • Implement a progressive tax on ultra-millionaires
  • A transaction tax on Wall Street trades and financial transactions
  • Provide tuition debt relief
  • Create earned tuition programs for students to allow more folks to get tuition-free college education and a longer-term program working toward free state colleges
  • Implement universal and affordable child care


  • Pass and implement Medicare for All
  • Pass legislation that would dramatically reduce prescription drugs, allow for purchase and trading of pharmaceuticals with countries who make them more cost-effectively, such as Canada
  • Embed universal child care at every school and community center

Education That Leads to Real Jobs and Pay

  • Develop a required trades vocational introductory program starting in 7th grade
  • Require schools to provide career education classes and assemblies for all types of careers
  • Require high schools, community colleges, and four-year colleges to review curriculums with employers, government, and students every four years to ensure classes are truly preparing students for real-world jobs
  • Provide more one-two year certifications for great careers in customer care, medical technology, technology, green workforce options, and digital/e-commerce roles
  • Include trades training, green job training, apprenticeships, one-two year and associates or technical degrees at community colleges
  • Tuition debt relief
  • Begin phasing in free state college and earned tuition exchange programs