Imran Khan promises breakthrough year for Pakistan’s economy in 2020


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While 2019 was a year of difficulties and economic stabilization for Pakistan, 2020 is expected to be a year of economic development, according to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“During the year 2020, the focus will be on economic growth, job creation, poverty reduction and uplift of poor through the Ehsaas program [creation of a ‘welfare state’ – Ed.],” he said while addressing the launch of Pakistan Post initiative for delivery of remittances by overseas Pakistanis through 500 designated post offices in various cities.

Under the new Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI), beneficiaries could collect their payments free of any charges from the 500 post office locations.

The prime minister said the government was also focusing on research and development to enhance productivity and increase exports with the help of private investors. He has welcomed Saudi Arabia’s investment interest in the food processing, dairy and livestock, and meat processing sectors of Pakistan.

According to Khan, Islamabad is working on establishing export-oriented grading and standardization of indigenous fruits (including apple, peach, mango, and citrus).

Khan’s adviser for commerce and investment, Abdul Razak Dawood, said on Tuesday that Pakistan is considering tax breaks for exports as part of a plan to increase foreign exchange earnings.