Could Brazil’s state of Rio de Janeiro become Latin America’s tech hub one day? RT’s Keiser Report finds out


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As Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert travel to Brazil they talk about the country’s struggling economy, which has slowed to just one percent growth in recent years.

Max talks to private equity investor and former banker Robert Wilson, who’s lived in Brazil for over twenty years. They discuss the infrastructure spending required to bring Brazil up to developed world standards, and other issues.

According to Wilson, the sector that is working the best in the country is agriculture, “that’s the sector that you could call the homegrown first-world sector, at least in terms of the technology and production.”

He adds that infrastructure is a “bottleneck” there, while around 85 percent of goods is transported by road, and not rail, air or water.

He suggests the state of Rio de Janeiro could be the tech hub of Latin America, pointing out that there’s “no real tech hub” in the region at present.

On the subject of investments Wilson says that China, Brazil’s leading trading partner, hasn’t moved directly into infrastructure “in a big way yet, but they are certainly knocking on the door.”