HK’s Regina Ip: Hong Kong’s police are far more restrained than Western counterparts! (E797)


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On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Regina Ip, a member of Hong Kong’s Executive and Legislative Council, about the continuing protests, how the Hong Kong SAR government has listened to some of the demands of protesters, and biased Western coverage of the protests. We also discuss the police force’s response to unrest compared to that of Western law enforcers, and why she says Hong Kong’s governance was more efficient under British rule!

Next, we speak to Sevim Dagdelen, deputy leader of Die Linke (the Left Party), about rising tensions between the United States and Iran, the possibility of war with Tehran, and what must be done to de-escalate the situation. She also explains why Boris Johnson is America’s latest poodle in Britain, how Die Linke plans to improve its poor electoral record to oppose Merkel’s government, and more! Finally, we speak to Mark Fernyhough about his latest single, ‘Divided Cities,’ Brexit and more!