SUPPORT the Palestine Comedy Festival


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We have comedians joining us from America, Palestine, including from GAZA!

We’re almost to our goal!
Become part of our success!

If you’ve already donated, THANK YOU! Please spread the word, and feel free to donate again 🙂

We started in 2015, and we will be bringing much needed laughter again to Palestine this August 18-22, 2019!

Your support is a tax-deductible donation to Palestine Foundation, our nonprofit partner.

The  donations are used to fly our artists to Palestine, provide their honorariums, lodge them, and feed them (lots of falafel sandwiches). Also, there are thousands of dollars in production costs, like venue rentals, promotion, etc.

Our goal is $50,000, and we ‘ve already raised over $30,000!

I make sure the festival happens no matter what, but with your partnership, it becomes a collective success!

Please complete your support at this link.

Thanks, Amer Zahr