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Today, Rush Darwish, the first Muslim-American Congressional candidate ever in Illinois to raise over $100,000 within 10 days of opening their campaign fund, praised his neighboring Congressmen Bobby Rush and Chuy Garcia for their opposition to a resolution to oppose the Israel-targeted Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement during a vote last week.  Darwish then questioned why his March 2020 Democratic Primary opponent, 3rd District Congressman Dan Lipinski, supported the resolution.  His video statement is here.

“I am proud that Southwest Chicagoland Congressmen Bobby Rush and Chuy Garcia weighed the interests of their constituents in standing up and voting no to a resolution that stifles U.S. citizens’ First Amendment right to boycott inhumane and racist policies,” Darwish stated, “policies of a foreign government, and policies echoed here at home.”

“By supporting this resolution, Congressman Lipinski has once again sided with the heavy-handed racism embodied by Donald Trump’s policy towards people of color, particularly immigrants.  I am running for Congress because the 3rd District needs a principled progressive who votes with the interests of his constituents, not DC lobbyists.”

Darwish is Palestinian American running for Congress in a district that includes the largest community of Palestinian Americans in the United States.  He spent nearly two years as a child living in Ramallah, Palestine, and understands the fear and “otherness” that a hostile government can instill in people. Owning a small business in Pilsen, Darwish sees many parallels between the second-class citizenship of undocumented immigrants in American cities and Palestinians surrounded by Israeli settlements and military in their own hometowns. 

“The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement is a non-violent protest movement that I will proudly champion on the floor of the House of Representatives, much like Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar,” Darwish stated. “I admire their courage and fortitude to hold firm in their convictions and vote the conscience of their constituents, and I am the only candidate in this race who will do the same.”

The youngest of four children, Rush Darwish was born and raised in Stone Park, Illinois, by his immigrant parents.  Despite being surrounded by gangs, crime and bullying throughout his youth, Darwish’s strong ties to his family and community helped him to realize the importance of togetherness and the value of hard work.  An award-winning small business owner, Darwish founded and operates Rush Productions, a top-rated multimedia production company located on Chicago’s Southwest Side.   Darwish recently served on Lori Lightfoot’s Transition Committee for Transportation and Infrastructure and volunteers his time helping disenfranchised children from war-torn countries gain access to free medical care.  Darwish and his wife Aziza are raising their two boys in Chicago’s Southwest suburbs.