Brakes on a plane: WATCH pilot stop miraculously short of busy intersection after EMERGENCY LANDING


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A quick-thinking pilot was forced to make an emergency landing on a busy stretch of road this week, miraculously injuring no one and causing no damage. Even more amazingly, the whole episode was captured on a police dash cam.

According to Washington State Patrol, the single-propeller KR2 came down on a busy highway in the city of Parkland, south of Tacoma, Thursday afternoon.

The pilot timed his landing perfectly to coincide with a momentary break in traffic, after a system malfunction caused the aircraft’s engine to stall in the skies above. 

With almost cinematic timing, the plane stopped just short of an intersection. Here’s hoping the pilot had the wherewithal to utter a witty one-liner after pulling off the amazing move.

The stunned trooper who captured the amazing air-to-ground manoeuvre then helped the plucky pilot push the plane into a nearby parking lot.