Dutch police make Europe’s biggest ever crystal meth seizure, burn 2,500kg of the drug


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Dutch police have made the largest seizure of crystal meth in European history, finding 2,500kg (5,500lbs) in a hidden crawlspace at a warehouse in Rotterdam.

The drugs, with an estimated street value in the hundreds of millions, were discovered last week during a raid on a business premises.

Officers noticed the upper floor of the building was far smaller than it appeared from the outside, and eventually discovered a hidden compartment stuffed with the highly addictive drug, according to a Dutch police press release

The police wasted no time in incinerating the seized drugs. Meanwhile, the investigation led officers to another warehouse in Utrecht where they discovered 17,500 liters of chemicals used to produce cocaine and other drugs. The inquiry into this extensive drug syndicate is ongoing and police believe the vast trove of crystal meth was destined for export. 

Dutch gangs are reportedly increasingly moving into the production of crystal meth, despite its lack of popularity in the Netherlands. So far in 2019, a total of four meth labs have been dismantled by Dutch authorities.