‘A glass ceiling for political thought’: Russiagate still supreme distraction from real issues


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The media are clinging to Russiagate years later in a desperate bid to avoid real issues, and it takes Lee Camp and fellow comedians to expose their deep absurdity – because “you out-Left anyone in mainstream media, you’re gone.”

I’m so sick of this selective outrage,” comedian Graham Elwood said in a conversation with Lee Camp and fellow comedian Ron Placone, ticking off a handful of urgent issues – the DNC cheating in its own primary, 40 million Americans living in poverty, climate change – the media has largely ignored in order to fixate on Russiagate.

‘They interfered in our elections’ – yeah, the CIA has never messed with anyone’s elections ever, they have just been so fair, they’re like little league umpires!” Elwood mocked. “We’ve just overthrown anyone who has natural resources that doesn’t want to give them to us – you’re out!

vThe trio marveled over the media establishment’s slavish devotion to the “big bad Soviets” narrative, “the sex toys that fomented the discord,” and friends falling ill with “Maddow disease,” pointing out the desperation of a propaganda campaign that has to mine the past for “scary Russians” material like Chernobyl. “I feel like I’m watching a replay of my childhood,” said Elwood.

They also bemoaned the “koolaid-drinkers” in the entertainment industry. “You want a job in show business? You’d better not be sitting there going ‘Look at all these wars we’re doing, look at the wage inequities…’” Elwood said.