‘No do-overs’: White House will not cooperate with further Trump investigations


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The White House said it would not comply with a number of requests from lawmakers seeking to open new investigations into the president, asking that they ‘discontinue’ the effort.

Presidential counsel Pat Cipollone slammed the renewed inquiries in a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, and said the administration would not assist the committee in any new probe.

Such investigations should aid legislation, not “harass political opponents or … pursue an unauthorized ‘do-over’ of exhaustive law enforcement investigations,” wrote White House counsel Pat Cipollone in the letter, referring to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s two year investigation into the president’s alleged ties to Moscow.

“The appropriate course is for the Committee to discontinue the inquiry,” Cipollone wrote.

Nadler has led the efforts to relitigate the Mueller probe, in March requesting information from dozens of individuals and entities connected to President Trump, including his administration, family members and businesses.

The president has repeatedly dismissed the ongoing inquiries as a “witch hunt,” even before the Mueller probe concluded.