Ex-NATO commander pushing Cold War xenophobia to line his pockets – Jimmy Dore to RT


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Why is retired US Admiral James Stavridis writing Cold War propaganda in TIME magazine in 2019? The answer is simple, says comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore: he makes bank doing it.

While Stavridis’ recent article in TIME is pretty extreme in its calls to sanction sports teams, symphonies and academic institutions for the crime of being Russian, Dore has a rather simple explanation for the former admiral’s anti-Moscow gusto:

He’s ramping up a Cold War, because he works for the Carlyle Group, which makes a lot of money off the Cold War.

After retiring as Supreme Commander of NATO forces in Europe, Stavridis just happened to land a very well-paying gig working for the multi-billion dollar private equity firm, which just so happens to get a nice chunk of cash from the $715-billion US defense budget.

That goes a long way in explaining why Stavridis, who once upon a time earned liberal laurels for his opposition to President Donald Trump’s immigration bans, is now pushing for a rather similar looking nationality-based ban against average Russian citizens.

“Don’t look for consistency in someone whose opinion is bought and paid for,” Dore warns.

Despite the fact Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe didn’t actually come up with any evidence to support allegations that Trump had ‘colluded’ with Russia, Stavridis isn’t going to waste a perfectly good opportunity to enrich himself by exploiting people’s fear … and who could be a more perfect object of enmity than the old Cold War adversary?

In today’s media climate, it is ok to be xenophobic – as long you are targeting Russians, Dore explains. Whereas Stavridis’ article would likely not fly if it pushed for such hostile measures against any other nationality, it seems those old Cold War habits die hard.