Putin’s approval rating reaches new 2019 heights – poll

putin playing hockey russia

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Russian President Vladimir Putin’s approval rating has risen to 64.8 percent – the highest so far in 2019 – after his annual address to the Russian parliament.

The Russian president boasts the highest approval rating among the nation’s politicians, while 36.8 percent and 40 percent of Russians approve of the work of the prime minister and the government respectively, according to the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).

Sociologists attribute the recent increase in Putin’s ratings to his annual address to parliament on February 20, which was focused on social and economic issues in Russia. In his speech, Putin pledged more support to families, including real estate tax breaks for families with many children, as well as increasing benefits for vulnerable groups like elderly people and single parents. Among other issues, Putin called for improved availability of healthcare, especially in rural areas.

The annual address to the Federal Assembly – Russia’s main legislative body – is analogous to the US State of the Union address and similar speeches by other heads of state. The president reports to lawmakers and the entire nation on his government’s performance and future policy goals.