Another new law that confirms our government’s insanity.


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By Fr. Malek Rihani

We begin by wishing our beloved readers a blessed and happy New Year.  With the new year come new laws and regulations that are intended to help us progress in our life.  Sadly, so-called progressive law-makers have taken us into an era of total confusion. 

For example, on January 1, New York city joins several states in enacting a new law that allows parents of new born babies to identify their child’s gender not as ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ but with a new category called ‘X’.  This law also allows adults to legally change the gender identification on their birth certificates.  A man, for example, who thinks he should have been born a woman, feels like a woman or tries to behave like a woman, can legally change his birth certificate to ‘Female’ and can move forward in life as a woman.  This means that he can enter a public women’s restroom or shower facilities at the local health club designated for women, without being stopped or challenged by anyone.

As a grandfather myself of several grandchildren under the age of ten, I cannot imagine these precious and innocent little children being exposed to such madness, confusion and indeed cruelty.  In the name of personal freedom, we are allowing the potential for sexual violence to grow exponentially as it will go unchecked.

New York city, the center of the world’s wealth and power, has proven to be the poorest in common sense, and worse yet, totally deprived of human decency. 

By eliminating our God-created identity at birth, and questioning God’s will and higher purpose for us, our government is contributing to a trend that’s taking our society into catastrophic consequences.

From the beginning, God, in His infinite wisdom, created us male and female (Genesis 5:2).  Two unique genders.  Although equal in God’s eyes, men and women are different not only biologically, but emotionally, socially, psychologically, etc…  When God created Adam, He saw that Adam was incomplete and He created Eve to complete Adam.  Men and women, as created by God from birth, complete one another in a synergistic, mystical way. 

God’s purpose for our existence is as divine and holy as God is.  We’re not on this earth to fulfill the world’s sick and perverted carnal desires, by pretending we’re not what God intended for us to be.  Our direction in life must be fully aligned with God’s will for us.  The most frequently used Arabic expression “inshAllah”, beautifully summarizes this need for us to ensure that it is God’s will, not ours, that must prevail.   

Once we start messing with God’s plans for us, coupled with a government policy that serves as an enabler of perverted human behavior, society is sure to go on a trajectory of immorality which history has proven to destroy even the mightiest of empires. 

In the words of C.S. Lewis, we are “in an enemy-occupied territory.”  Satan is the enemy, and it has a powerful army.  As Americans, if we remain silent, we are colluding with the enemy and we are betraying our God-protected nation.  America’s motto “In God We Trust” must be more than just words on our currency.  If our government truly trusts in God, then we must trust in God’s decision to create us the way He chose, and not to question, challenge, or worse yet reverse His decision.  Just because our shallow perception sees an imperfect body, God sees only perfection, because He is a Perfect God, and He alone created us!

Whether male or female, our ‘body is a temple of the Holy Spirit’ (1 Cor 6:19).  We therefore should be, not only accepting of God’s choice for us, but totally grateful for this gift and to use our bodies – as designed from birth by God – in a way that is pleasing to Him and glorifies His Holy Name.   Amen!