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Photo: From Arab America’s National Arab American Heritage Month event in Washington DC.
Dear Supporter,
Although we are the descendants of a great civilization; unfortunately, the region of our forefathers is retreating from a unified Arab identity to a sectarian one; and we, as Arab Americans, are experiencing unprecedented racism as a result of inaccurate information through the media and prejudicial political rhetoric.
At Arab America, our mission is to advocate for an inclusive Arab identity whichpromotes the Arab heritage and history via: online, email messaging, social media, and live streaming—radio and television.
Only with your help, can we continue the hard work of our intensive efforts to write our own narrative, promote community events, highlight our achievements, and most importantly: provide the platform needed to empower Arab Americans, young and old.
Additionally, we take pride in our Ambassador Leadership Network and Internship programs which have educated over 100 Arab and Non-Arab Americancollege students and young professionals about our issues and identity.
Can we ask you for a favor?
We need your financial support to help us portray an accurate narrative, to preserve our culture, and instill pride of who we are and where we come from.  
Only you can make it happen!
Thanking you in advance,
Amal and Warren David