Arab-Americans: between influence and fusion


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”Arab-Americans: between influence and fusion” A Survey Research Project by Naser Qamash Rai Alyoum- Amman February 21, 2018 The Jordanian journalist and media researcher, Naser Qamash, finished the theoretical framework and outline of his new research project titled, “Arab-Americans: between influence and fusion”. Qamash had a primary survey visit to the USA which lasted months. During this visit, Qamash had interviewed Arab immigrants about their experiences in the United States, as well as the socio-cultural challenges they’ve faced. After signing a publishing contract with the Jordanian-based AL-Birouni Publishing and Distributing Company, Qamash said that he intended to go back to the USA and meet with younger generations of Arab-Americans. This visit will aim to study cultural interactions and it’s reflection on this new generation’s personality and identity. Qamash tries to introduce realistic perception regarding the new generation of Arab-American’s priorities, worries, and problems in the American society. Also, Qamash believesthat conducting research based on journalism work techniques and scientific research methodology might lead to comprehensive understanding of the confusion issue. In addition, he thinks that the confusion studies had not been effectively handled especially after September 11th,2001, when it was a necessity.The main hypotheses of this research are:- Arab immigrants in the USA are stuck to their original cultural nature of tolerance and moderation before the emersion of religious extremism and intolerant attitudes. – The nature of the flexible American culture aided in stabilizing tolerance and positivity among Arab-Americans. – Unlike some other European cultures, like those in France and Germany, the American culture actually helped in avoiding to produce and export new members and fighters of ISIS out of it’s country. Qamash assured that Arab-Americans didn’t participate in September 11th attacks, and they consider these attacks criminal work and terrorism that targets and killed innocent people.