Register to Vote for the Mid-Term election and Decide the Future of America


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Vote in the Mid-Term and Decide our Future

Register to Vote for the Mid-Term Election and Decide the Future of America

Yesterday was National Voter Registration Day, where organizations, volunteers, and public figures encourage Americans to register and vote.

Every election cycle, millions of Americans don’t vote because they missed the voter registration deadline or aren’t sure how to register. To combat this problem, the National Association of Secretaries of State declared the fourth Tuesday of every September as National Voter Registration Day.

Those who are not registered to vote will not be able to impact the upcoming mid-term election.

Many voters are unhappy, which is why it’s that much more imperative to get politically active! Political change is a long process, but it starts with the integration of more minds in the system that can sway the important decisions down the road.

Additionally, many unregistered voters believe that their vote does not count. But that can only be true if no one votes. If Arab Americans vote in tremendous numbers, the community becomes a powerful bloc that must be listened to by politicians who want and need their vote to win. In order for the community to see the changes they would like in their country, they must be active members, voice their concerns, and sit at the decision table.

If you are an Arab American who is eligible to vote, but not registered, please make sure you do so before your state’s registration deadline. And if you are registered to vote, be sure to vote on November 6.

Arab American voices matter.